Press Release:

JUNIQO Invest ends the year 2020 successfully

Berlin-based transaction specialist and asset manager places €31 million.

The young Berlin-based transaction specialist and asset manager JUNIQO Invest GmbH has placed 154 residential units with a sales volume of around 31 million euros on the market in 2020 and thus in the first year of its foundation within the scope of several mandates. JUNIQO was commissioned by private owners as well as a listed real estate company. In addition to properties in the home market of Berlin, a property in Rostock was also sold. During the sales process, the transaction specialists also worked together with external brokers in a targeted manner. In the transactions, JUNIQO assumed extensive responsibility on behalf of the owners in the planning, development and sales process as well as in the negotiations. In 2021, the sale of two portfolios with approximately 750 residential units is already planned and are currently being structured.

Read the full press release here (German): 21-01-28-Pressemitteilung-JUNIQO-Invest