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JUNIQO creates new living space and carries out energy-efficient refurbishment in Berlin-Tiergarten

Berlin transaction specialist has modernised the energy efficiency of a Wilhelminian-style property

The young Berlin-based transaction specialist and asset manager JUNIQO Invest GmbH has extensively refurbished the Wilhelminian-style building “Am Bellevue” in Berlin-Tiergarten to make it more energy-efficient and created additional residential units in the building.

The residential property with its 19 units and around 1,670 square metres of living space and 100 square metres of commercial space is located at Paulstrasse 21a in the Tiergarten district of Berlin’s Mitte district. The building is surrounded by the Chancellery, the Reichstag and the Victory Column. Bellevue Palace is around 300 metres away. The 17 flats have between 56 and around 145 square metres. There are two commercial units on the ground floor. In addition to the existing flats, three new penthouse flats have been built.

The old Wilhelminian style building was built around 1900. JUNIQO carried out a core refurbishment of the entire building and brought it up to the KfW 70 energy efficiency house standard. Among other things, all the façades were insulated with mineral wool. In addition, stucco façade elements matching the Wilhelminian style were installed and the existing windows were replaced with historic-looking windows with energy-efficient triple glazing. Gas and stove heating systems were removed and the building was connected to the district heating network.

“We specialise in residential properties with structural challenges. The “Am Bellevue” property falls precisely into this category. We have lovingly and with great commitment transformed it back into a stately Wilhelminian-style old building, while at the same time carefully adapting it to the latest energy standards. It was also important for us to create new living space on the top floor. Berlin urgently needs new living space and there is still considerable potential for the city, especially in loft conversions,” explains Nino Nowack, Managing Director and founder of JUNIQO Invest.

The refurbishment measures also included modernisation. Balconies and a lift were added to the inner courtyard. All of the water pipes, heating and electrical lines were relaid. JUNIQO attached great importance to a stylish refurbishment in the spirit of the Wilhelminian style. Oak parquet flooring in a herringbone pattern was laid in the residential units and new moulded ceiling stucco in the style of the period was also installed. The doors were also replaced with old-style panelled doors with brass fittings. The staircase was also renovated and historical elements refurbished.

JUNIQO has grown dynamically since it was founded three years ago. The company currently has around 40 projects with over 1,100 residential and commercial units in its portfolio. The total value of all investments amounts to over 140 million euros. In addition to its home market of Berlin, JUNIQO is also active in Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony. The team has realised numerous acquisitions in the company’s short history.

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22-12-14 Press release JUNIQO-Invest