Press release:

JUNIQO Invest buys for 21 million euros in Berlin

Expansion of Berlin portfolio with six new apartment buildings

The Berlin-based investor and transaction specialist JUNIQO Invest GmbH has acquired six residential properties in Berlin for its own portfolio in individual transactions together with a partner. The investment volume was over 21 million euros. This further expands the portfolio in Berlin.

The apartment buildings have 105 residential units with a total rental area of around 8,100 square meters. In the future, 13 residential units with around 1,100 square meters may be added through loft conversions. The properties are predominantly old buildings from the Wilhelminian period. Some of the older West Berlin buildings in Schöneberg and Lichterfelde West in particular have large, stately apartments, so that the average apartment size in the portfolio is comparatively large at just under 80 square meters.

All buildings are in good technical condition. Two properties are located in Schöneberg and the others are spread across Kreuzberg, Pankow, Tiergarten and Lichterfelde West. The residential properties are fully leased except for a minor vacancy due to fluctuation.

“Berlin continues to be very attractive as a real estate market and we have been able to continuously secure new properties due to our good local contacts. Despite the political restrictions, interesting off-market deals continue to be possible here, especially in the residential sector. As demand for small and medium-sized residential units will continue, we are focusing on demand-driven apartments under 100 square meters. We will definitely continue to invest in Berlin. Promising purchases are already in the pipeline and will be made by the end of the year. In addition to the purchases for our Berlin portfolio, our focus is currently very much on expanding our existing portfolio outside Berlin in Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia. We are developing the acquired properties by creating additional residential units through space optimization and extensions. In the course of the expansion, we will also examine the possibility of further energy savings, so that the existing tenants will also have added value with lower operating and heating costs in the course of the renovation work,” explains Nino Nowack, Managing Director and founder of JUNIQO Invest.

JUNIQO Invest specializes in the management and structuring of real estate transactions. For purchases, the focus is not only on residential and commercial properties, but also on project developments with a volume of up to 50 million euros for the company’s own portfolio. Geographically, JUNIQO Invest concentrates on Berlin, Leipzig and other central locations in large and medium-sized German cities.

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