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JUNIQO Invest expands portfolio to 1,100 units

Berlin-based transaction specialist has 140 million euros in assets under management.

The young Berlin-based transaction specialist and asset manager JUNIQO Invest GmbH has grown strongly in the last two years since its foundation. The company now has 40 projects with around 1,100 residential and commercial units in its portfolio. The total value of all investments amounts to almost 140 million euros.

At the same time, JUNIQO is increasingly diversifying both regionally and sectorally through new business areas. In addition to numerous residential properties, the first commercial property was also acquired in November 2021. In spring 2022, the “New Construction and Property Development” segment was launched with the purchase of a new construction site in the Berlin area. The construction of 110 rental flats is planned here. In addition to the home market of Berlin, properties in Bavaria and Magdeburg, Halle and the greater Leipzig area have been added regionally in the meantime.

Within the young history of the company, the team has been able to realise numerous purchases. In the meantime, the first properties worth a total of 40 million euros have already been sold at a good profit.

“Residential properties with structural challenges are still our core competence. A look at the figures and the development of our company shows that we are on a very good growth path here. I am also pleased that we have now built up a team that has excellent expertise in the field of real estate development,” explains Nino Nowack, Managing Director and founder of JUNIQO Invest.

“We are currently looking at new acquisitions very selectively, as we are currently prioritising the development of our existing projects in light of rising interest rates and a changed market environment. In doing so, our focus remains on our core business, the creation of affordable housing in metropolitan regions and here in particular in my home city of Berlin.”

JUNIQO Invest specialises in the management and structuring of real estate transactions. For purchases, the focus is on residential and commercial properties as well as project developments with a volume of up to 50 million euros for the company’s own portfolio. However, the company also takes on asset and investment management in the area of residential and commercial real estate for third parties. Geographically, JUNIQO Invest concentrates on Berlin, Leipzig and other central locations in large and medium-sized German cities.

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22-12-14 Press release JUNIQO-Invest